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Self-Portrait 12
Exhibition & Illustraions
Self-Portrait 12 is a series of seamless characters to illustrate Undoboy's multiple personality traits. Each self-portrait is distinct and unique, but they overlap and blend with one another. In a way, it is also a commentary on the complexity of the human persona.

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Volkswagen GTI Features
Interactive Experience
For Crispin Porter + Bogusky
The 3D model visual approach and user experience of building your car is very engaging, very different than other car sites. At the end of customization, a video will compliment on your car based on your choice of the features.
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Wall Decals
Product Design & Packaging
For Blik
These are customizable re-stik wall graphics that allow everyone to bring their creativities to the composition. Blik and Undoboy launched four different sets- Undoboy Dreamland, Icons, Icons Wall Tiles and Rainbow Poops. Design brings happiness.

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Best Buy Coverage Checker
Interactive Experience
For Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Best Buy Coverage Checker is a map of signal data collected from real people. It is real coverage, from real phones in real time. User can compare the phone performance within the carriers and within coverage type.
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Jello Brand CI
For Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Jello is a historic brand and it's an iconic household grocery product. The food itself is fun to have, fun to eat and even fun to play with. The Jello CI we created is established based on this product essence. We position the visual being "the outside of reality" and differentiate it from their competitors.
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Burger King Whopperettes Show
Interactive Experience
For Crispin Porter + Bogusky
The Whopperettes embody the tagline, "Have It Your Way." On the site, you can pick your ingredients and name your order. Then, enjoy the Whopperettes Show with the human ingredient piling up.
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Super-Bastard Box Art Characters
Product Design & Toy Design
Super-Bastard Box Art Characters are 16 unique paper toys in one set, each toy consists 4 unique characters on each face of the box. The heads and the pants can be detached and interchange.

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Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinner Not Art
Tablet & Desktop App, Product Innovation
For Crispin Porter + Bogusky
"Dinner, Not Art" is an app that lets you make digital macaroni art and save the noodles for your tummy. You can pick a canvas, place noodles and paint them. You can also save your artwork to a "digital refrigerator."
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Illustrations & Icons
Self-expression poster composed with two hundred characteristic icons. They represent my stories, experiences, memories and friends.
Hi There
I'm a creative thinker, an artist, a designer, a father and a person who love to solve problem visually.
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